03 February 2017

THE TILE FILES: Mosaics in the Outdoors

Mosaics work great outdoors as well! Be it glass or marble tiles, get the design of your choice custom handcrafted. Here are some inspiration photos & ideas for various ways mosaics can adorn your backyards, pools, fountains and patios:

18 January 2017

THE TILE FILES: The Esatto Collection

The Esatto collection has been created in collaboration with the brilliant designer-artist Alberto Romeo. Marvel at the details of these European patterns.

12 January 2017

THE TILE FILES: "Exquisite Splendor" Blossom & Chirps

There is something about the color yellow and murals depicting serene nature don't you agree? It brightens up the space.

Sarah Ryan’s inspiration behind this exclusive glass mosaic mural was nature and its many wonders. The ‘Exquisite Splendor’ masterpiece depicts happiness, serenity and a touch of luxury. 

The wall art depicts a marvelous refreshing nature-scene, featuring a pair of gorgeous birds and their chirping with the rustle of leaves, to the space and livens up the entire surroundings.

19 December 2016

THE TILE FILES | Aquatic Gems

A Mosaic Dream has Come to Life!

Step into another world as you enter a bathroom adorned with eye-catching feature wall. 


This is one of our favorite project to date! This project truly shows what MEC is capable of. From the craftsmanship of our mosaicists and the quality of mosaics, the mosaic mural really speaks for itself.
The fish themed wallpaper-like pattern was developed and handcrafted  by MEC artisans using glass mosaic. The swoosh element and bubbles makes the aquatic creatures pop out and seem lively. Makes you want to reach out and feel it for yourself.

03 December 2016

HANDMADE MOSAIC ART - It's All in the Details

When it comes to the art of handcrafted mosaics,  the intricacy or work and level of details is first noticeable feature. The amount of man-hours and craftsmanship that goes into each handmade mosaic masterpiece is simply unmatchable.

16 November 2016

SARAYA AQABA - MEC & Cracknell Join Hands

Map Source: Saraya Aqaba Website & WikiMapia
On the gulf of the Red Sea stands the beautiful historical City of Aqaba. Other than being one of the major cities of Jordan it enjoys the status of a popular tourist attraction. A world-class residential and recreational project by the name of Saraya Aqaba is underway here. The project once complete will boast 5-star hotels, state of the art shopping areas, international restaurants, a water park, beach clubs, an auditorium among other leisure and tourist activities and spots. The total area of 634,000 sqmt.

20 September 2016

FREE MOZAIK - Prague gets a Mosaic Makeover

Photo Source: Praha10.cz
A trio of street artists, Jan Pancíř, Tereza Podová, and Jan Lukeš have been adorning walls and other surfaces of the Czech capital with colorful and eye-catching tile mosaic artwork.

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