16 November 2016

SARAYA AQABA - MEC & Cracknell Join Hands

Map Source: Saraya Aqaba Website & WikiMapia
On the gulf of the Red Sea stands the beautiful historical City of Aqaba. Other than being one of the major cities of Jordan it enjoys the status of a popular tourist attraction. A world-class residential and recreational project by the name of Saraya Aqaba is underway here. The project once complete will boast 5-star hotels, state of the art shopping areas, international restaurants, a water park, beach clubs, an auditorium among other leisure and tourist activities and spots. The total area of 634,000 sqmt.

20 September 2016

FREE MOZAIK - Prague gets a Mosaic Makeover

Photo Source: Praha10.cz
A trio of street artists, Jan Pancíř, Tereza Podová, and Jan Lukeš have been adorning walls and other surfaces of the Czech capital with colorful and eye-catching tile mosaic artwork.

18 August 2016


The method of union of gold and glass for decorative purposes is believed to be discovered in Roman times. In the fourth century AD the use of gold and silver leaf infused glass mosaic tesserae was quite popular, mostly as fancy backgrounds of mosaic designs or to depict actual metallic & gold objects. Here are some of the best examples of incorporation of gold mosaic tiles in Christian and Byzantine art pieces and murals:
'Empress Zoe Mosaic' at Hagia Sophia, Turkey

20 July 2016

07 July 2016

ISLAMIC ART: Modern Maths in Medieval Times

Are you a fan of the geometrical element in contemporary style of décor and architecture? If yes, this piece is sure to excite you. Ion the other hand, you’re indifferent to geometrical marvels in design, you might not be after reading this. Either way it is a surprising find to many that Muslim artists have discovered and been using advanced geometrical concepts in their work long before modern mathematics explained them, according to a study.

25 June 2016

INSPIRATION BOARD: Greek Scroll Citrus & Turquoise

Our mosaicists completed a Greek Mosaic Backsplash. New glass mosaic range “Murano Bloom”, recently acquired from Italy, was used to create this gorgeous project. All the mmosaic pieces have been cut and place by hand, contributing to the intricacy and the handmade look of the masterpiece.

The designer, Beatriz Elizando's inspiration behind this was the eloquent architecture and art style of the ancient Romans and the refreshing color combination of citrus fruits (shades of orange and yellows) with a serene turquoise as the base color. Her idea board at the time of developing this project feature many photos and sketches, a few of which are shown in the collage above. Isn't it just fantastic!

02 June 2016

THE TILE FILES | Bargello Cocktail

Marble or glass? Mosaic or water-jet cut marble tiles? You don't have to choose anymore with is splendid pattern featuring the best of both worlds. Sarah Ryan, along with her team, recently engineered this mashup of water-jet machine marble tiles and Murano series glass mosaic.

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